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Recently I was approached with an offer to create a sponsored review.
Immediately I thought...oh, here we go...SPAM.
You can imagine my excitement when I realized  it was legit!
Then to find out it was an offer that I would enjoy.  

Immediately, my daughters and I googled their website. I couldn't wait to play on their site.  The colours, fonts, font colours and designs!  My youngest daughter, who is in University to be an Event Planner, immediately downloaded the Paperless Post App on her phone. An Event Planners dream! I'm still not that great with my phone and apps, but the fact that I can play around on this site and create personalised cards on my laptop with ease is important. What I like is that it isn't just for the big events in life, Weddings and Graduations or big birthdays, you can also send a single card to say 'hello.' 

Perfect timing though because it's our oldest daughters birthday on Friday...I'll show you what I've made her.  Look away Mariah!
First I had to narrow all the choices down!  They have so many birthday card invitations.

Isn't that one so sweet, however we have a thing for owls...

After leaving a personal message inside the card, I changed the envelope to be Mariah's favourite colour.  When it arrives in her mailbox, the envelope opens and the card greets her.  How lovely is that!

THEN, if that isn't easy enough, there is an option for scheduled sending.  So I'll look all organized when it arrives first thing on her birthday.  There is also a follow up page to track the card/invitation and tells you if it has been opened.   
When you open an account you get 25 free coins to start you off, so I sent a few more cards out.  It was so much fun to mix and match.  I wish this was available way back in the 90's for my Wedding! It would have saved us a ton.  
So, whether you need  invitations for a large celebration or an i love you  make sure you check out 
This post was published in partnership with Myself- Abby's Way and Paperless Post,
all thoughts and reviews are my own.

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