Halloween 2017

She's ba-ack!

Perched on her seat, watching the front door.  Guarding us from any curious on lookers.

It seems as though her feathered and fury friends have followed her here too.  Finding resting spots through out the house.

A tiny owl on watch, looking out the front door window as well. (The brass canister is a candle with a very strong scent and I only light it on occasion.  I bought it for the canister.)

Another owl has perched herself on my twigs to keep an eye on things too.

Ravens are resting on my bakers cupboard. I think they are waiting for leftovers from dinner!

 Such a mischievous witch, she's taken up our dining room shelves. She got herself  ready to mix up her favourite toxic potions!  I hope they aren't for us...

In the living room you'll find more owls, and pumpkins.  She leaves her stuff everywhere.

I like what she's done with the Christmas Cactus and the cauldron candle.  They work well together, the tentacle like leaves mirroring the witch's legs flailing in the air.  Did she do that on purpose?

At least she's just a seasonal guest.  I'll let her stay until the first of November.

Halloween Decorating on Budget

I like to think of myself as a thrifty girl.  Before I discard anything I try to imaging how I can re-use it.  Breathing new life into an old unwanted item is extremely satisfying for me.   Most of the time it's on to it's third or fourth revamping.  I Love That.

Like this clock, I bought it a long time ago at a second hand store.  It was covered in painted flowers and ribbons . It just didn't fit my style at all but I loved the shape of it.  I taped off the face of the clock and spray painted it black.  Super easy and now it gets pulled out often to use in different arrangements.
You can see it here being used for  New Year's Eve  display, a few years ago.

Ribbons are also a great way to save.  I reuse them year after year in different ways.  They add colour
and texture in spots where nothing else will fit.  But the best part of ribbon is the multitude of colours they come in, allowing them to fit in any scheme.

Except cast offs.  Free is always a good thing.

Another tip would be to get busy crafting.  Such a great way to get exactly what you want, and there are such helpful sites out there to lead you through any project you want to conjure.

Shop after season sales, if you can be patient and wait for that item to go on sale.  I'm always happy to see those pieces the following year.  Actually, this year it seems as though Halloween decorations have already been marked down and Christmas Decor is moving in. It's very confusing to see Halloween and Christmas displayed on the same shelf.  (Should I feel spooky or joyful??) THAT is scary!  I feel like in Canada,  Remembrance Day should be honoured before Christmas gets pulled out onto the shelves.

Anyways...Have fun with it! Mix your favourites up and see what happens!

My favourite fur ball, sleepy from his walk and following me around the house, shuffling Halloween decor.

I wanted to share with you this colour, I love Autumn!

Hope you're having fun spooking out your house!

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Happy Halloween!

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