Autumn Indoors 2017

The garden is almost finished being put to bed for the winter.  My plants that need to spend the winter indoors are being re potted, cleaned and brought inside.  Some will survive better then others. I am hoping it will be sunny enough for them in the office downstairs.   I have most of the canning and drying completed and stored.  I feel a little like a squirrel, hoarding away my nuts and seeds for the winter to come!  And now I can change my focus to the indoors.
Come on in!  Let me show you my simple fall decor for this year...

Where is fall, you say?  
It's under those candle holders, pumpkin tea towels used as a runner for my bakers cabinet.
Unlike my front steps, I have kept the inside to more of a muted quieter scheme.

I have fallen in love with crocheted linens.  Tablecloths, bedspreads, curtains.  They are everywhere in here!  The hours that they must have taken the crafters!

This mirrored pumpkin was from Pier 1, a great sale after Halloween.

In the front room, my sitting-crafting-morning coffee room, again lot's of muted fall tones.
The feathers are all found on walks and hikes.

In the dining room, the little crystal hanging beside my spider plant is responsible for all of the rainbows.  Lots of good energy being dispersed!

That tiny orange pumpkin was the ONLY pumpkin I managed to grow this year! I had three plants
and grew one pumpkin!  Tips anyone?

There you have it! 
Happy Thanksgiving!  

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  1. Beautiful subtle touches of fall! I too love vintage crocheted items. I pick them up whenever I run across them. I agree, the hours spent make them extra special. I planted 4 pumpkin plants and got a lot. Really don't have any good tips for you. I just stuck them in the ground and watered. Normally I plant seeds, but hubby built me a grow box and I got them in late so I bought plants. My friend always buys plants. She said that the seeds don't produce for her, but I've always had good luck with seeds. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jann! I've been told to fix my soil too...maybe more compost? I'd love to get some really big pumpkins one year! I think I will try a few seeds and a few plants, I love the vines spreading around the garden anyways.
    Thanks for the tips!