How to Decoupage Easter Eggs

These are my favorite...

   So easy, all you need is an egg that has been drained,
and cleaned, some old crayons,
white or cream tissue paper and glue.

  First cover the egg with thinned glue and
then roll in grated crayon flakes ( I just put a
few flakes on each egg so it looked more

I used brown, blue, pink and red crayons, and grated them
on a small cheese grater.

 Then put a thin layer of tissue paper over the crayon flakes
making sure that the edges of the tissue paper
are all laying tight against the egg, so there is no lifting.

Once the glue had dried I put them in the oven just long
enough to melt the crayons, but not too hot to
brown the egg. (I think the temperature was
at about 200)

Super easy, durable, and a lot of fun.
I love bringing them out every year.

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  1. Love the way the eggs turned out...sooo cute...great job..I will have to try


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