Layering with a window

Old, new, used and slightly neglected,

  I would have to say that about sums up this post  :)
It all started with this window that we found many
 years ago while renovating our 90 yr old home.

This window must have been covered for years, maybe 50 or 60 years,
without the glass breaking.  Just waiting behind layers of panelling
and paint for us to find her.  And now a few houses later, I have 
found the perfect spot.

This silver set is from my Grandma, and I am sure she
would not be impressed that it is not all
polished up but for the moment I am enjoying
the patina of the tarnish.

As I spring clean I am finding that my tastes are changing,
I am looking for contrasts and small splashes of color.
Our home just keeps evolving. 

I am joining,

Faded Charm
Savvy Southern Style

Have a wonderful day!
(Completely lost my voice now!  so
I will be making more tea and
relaxing for the rest of the day.)


  1. This is a gorgeous look Abby! Would love to have you at my weekly newbie are new and would make some new friends.

  2. Nice vignette. Love the shape of the silver teapot.


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