Spring Cleaning,


Whether it is really spring or not I must clean
the cobwebs from our cottage!
I am the type of person that only likes to clean
when I can make some changes.
This green coffee cup has been the subject of
many changes... the domino affect
through out our home.

Our master bedroom hasnt really changed but
it did get some 'spring'.
I seem to be going more with lighter green, pink
and a lighter blue, mixed with dark wood and white.

Switching out white pillowcases for
some color.  A super easy change. 
Soooo  that's one room down,
baby steps right?

Thought I better take a quick shot before
reality kicks in! 
We've been getting snow flurries, and COLD
weather in Canada so its been easier to
 stay in and clean.
Hope you are enjoying your spring cleaning.


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