Halloween Cottage Tour Part 1


My daughter and I spent a few hours pulling out all of
the Halloween decorations. We had some fun dressing up the house.
I think she wanted a little more blood and gore,
but not me, I like more of a magical approach.
My theme has always been Witch`s Cottage.
Every year a few more items get added to the stash.
It`s always so much fun to pull it all out and spread it around.
Anyways, I took quite a few pictures to share so I thought I should
probably make this into two parts for Halloween.

So grab a hot chocolate and come take a boo
at our Witch`s Cottage!


This is our Baker`s Cupboard,
its seen from all angles.

At the front entrance our little witch sits and waits.
She fits perfectly in this corner.

If you don`t use ladders to decorate... you should give one a try!
 They give you the visual height and you can do so much
 with them.  My husband built this out of scrap wood a VERY long time ago.
It is always displaying something.

The jars were much too tippy to just rest on the ladder,
so I wrapped burlap around the jars and tied them to 
the ladder...that also added a little texture
to the mix.

In the above picture is my most loved banner, I bought
it at   French Vanilla.
Go HERE to check out a tour 
of this sweet store!

Our living room.
(I`m loving our new wall color!)

I`m not sure if you can tell, but the dining room
got a new wall color too!
More of both in a future post.

I love to display these tea towels...they are not for using.. just for show.

Above our kitchen cupboards I put all the hydrangeas,from our
fall decorating, more or less to get them out of the way.
I added a crow and a few spider rings into the flowers.
The loop of the ring holds them in place nicely.

Hope you enjoyed this tour.
If you want to see more you can check out
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