HaLlOwEeN NiGhT, Part 2...and a Chalk Painted Witch

Welcome back for the evening tour!
Everything seems a little spookier when the 
candles are lit, and shadows are dancing on the walls!
Come on in and take a peek.

I am not a fan of scary, gory or evil, rather
I collect witches, crows and bats, staying along that theme.
Working with what I have collected over time, I change it up every year.

This little witch got some work done...at the bottom of the post you can
see her transformation.  Amazing what a little chalk paint 
and sparkle will do!

And what would Halloween be without candles?

You can see  


This little lady was a Value Village deal.
Costing me all of $3.99, in the middle of summer.  
All of the paint and sparkles I already had
 in my craft room.

The Chalk Paint was applied very heavily.
I wanted it to look a little more like paper mache, so
I should have added a few more layers
of chalk paint than I did.

I then did a very gentle sanding to pull out the colors
 from underneath.

The patina is brown acrylic paint mixed with sparkly finishing paint.
I really worked it into the creases and crevices and then rubbed
 the excess off right away. Creating the aged look I like. 

Chalk Paint to the rescue again!
Hope you have a spooktacularly safe Halloween!!
Thanks for visiting!

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