Today was a lot like yesterday, I cleaned and tidied the house a little bit more. I am
really enjoying creams and browns right now.

I love these carved willows, they are so simple and yet they still say so much!

All clean and re-decorated, feels a little bare in here but not for long!

This is actually the calm before the storm...tomorrow, New Years Day I plan to start
 painting my dining room.  I have had color swatches sticky tacked to the walls
 everywhere. Finally, I have decided to go with a soft creamy beige...
wow! you say, what a suprise,lol.

Have a great day

I am participating in the My Romantic Home Show and Tell Friday


I was just playing with my stuff,some people say I am a hoarder...
I completely disagree! lol
I couldn't set the table without all my stuff!

To be honest we rarely set the table this formal... only on occasion will I dress it up and have fun with it.

Birds eye view...makes me a little dizzy..lol

I made this snowflake candle holder a few years ago, it is still a favorite through the winter
months. Very easy to make.   :)

Nice!  You can see my laptop in the back ground and a leaning candle...  :/

This one is a reminder of the wall colors, the before photo.
Actually it doesnt look too bad through the camera. Trust me it is really intense.

Hope you have a great day

Putting Santa Away

Now it's my time to start the clean up after Christmas.

Ahhh, this is better!

ewww, it looks like the ribbon is in the candle, it really isn't though.

Paint color will change! Its a really hard color to mellow out!
Here's a before and after.

The Picture on the left is with my old camera and the
picture on the right is with my daughter's camera.  I love her camera!

 The champagne chiller   ( $13) I found it stuffed in the back  of the bottom shelf at
vv boutique and it was very black...
we didn't think that it would polish up as nicely as it did. 

Have a great day

Our Master Bedroom

Ok so think I have figured out how to get pictures off my file to put on here...hhhmmmmm
or not.  Well, not a good picture but a picture.

Here is a picture of our master bedroom before I started painting,a week after we moved in...yes I drive Kevin crazy!  Half of the room was red and the other half was yellow.  I HAD to fix it!
We have never lived in a house without me altering almost everything.  You could say that it is an addiction.  Not that I think that my tastes are superior but I have a slight ocd thing going on...I asked Kevin if he thought I have a problem and he just shrugged...hahaha.

I am a V.V. Boutique shopper, sales rack, thrift store junky, and I have to do everything with in budget.
The duvet and shams I got on sale, blanket on sale, picture vv's, you get the idea.

Now the room is truly relaxing.

Silver tray was inherited from my grandmother many years ago.

This cabinet is from our living room in our old house...
and I actually wanted a TV in our bedroom.

Hope that you have a santuary that takes your worries and stresses away too.

Have a great day,

Getting ready for my first link party...

Spent some of the day working on my bedroom, trying to get it all set for the link party...


Not ready to clean up...

I love all the christmas decorations, the food and the time with family and friends. 
This Christmas is no different.  I love the lights on the christmas tree in the early morning or the evening and all the glitz that sparkles when the light shimmers off of them. No, I am not ready to take Christmas down yet. 

We are going to enjoy this time a little longer...

No boxing up my precious santas or bows and greenery..:)
Maybe if I just tweek things a little?..

There I feel better...
I just spent some time today cleaning our house and playing in our entrance

My husband gave me pink roses on Christmas Eve...

so I decided to use them at the front door...
and now I am happier with our entrance.

I still can't wait to paint this room! lol

Enjoying the holidays

Hope that you are enjoying the holidays. We had family here for the evening last night and had a wonderful visit.  So nice to see them, thats what I love about this time of the year, we get to enjoy more company.   :)


Yes, I know this is cheating but I have to be creative to show you our tree without showing our wall colors.  So here is our Christmas tree for 2010.  :)

This is a pretty little candle holder on top of a white mirror with the reflection of the dining room chandelier behind the crystals.

Have a happy holiday! Enjoy what you have and dream of what may be

Merry Christmas


Getting Ready for Santa

He is one of my favorites.

I am going to spend the next couple of  days getting ready for the big guy! I have baking I haven’t started, presents I haven’t wrapped and still a little more shopping to do. Its like this every year, I plan to be completely organized by the beginning of December but it never works out that way.

At least my snowbaby tree is up... each one is so sweet and special to us.  My sister in law has given us one each Christmas for many many years :) so we are now able to decorate our tree using mostly snowbabies. 

It all gets a little crazy around here, but with the tree lights on and the day fading away we really enjoy it!

Hope you enjoy the next few days getting your nest ready for the Holidays!

Bye for now,
( ps.that wall color will change!!!!)

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