Our Master Bedroom

Ok so think I have figured out how to get pictures off my file to put on here...hhhmmmmm
or not.  Well, not a good picture but a picture.

Here is a picture of our master bedroom before I started painting,a week after we moved in...yes I drive Kevin crazy!  Half of the room was red and the other half was yellow.  I HAD to fix it!
We have never lived in a house without me altering almost everything.  You could say that it is an addiction.  Not that I think that my tastes are superior but I have a slight ocd thing going on...I asked Kevin if he thought I have a problem and he just shrugged...hahaha.

I am a V.V. Boutique shopper, sales rack, thrift store junky, and I have to do everything with in budget.
The duvet and shams I got on sale, blanket on sale, picture vv's, you get the idea.

Now the room is truly relaxing.

Silver tray was inherited from my grandmother many years ago.

This cabinet is from our living room in our old house...
and I actually wanted a TV in our bedroom.

Hope that you have a santuary that takes your worries and stresses away too.

Have a great day,


  1. Your bedroom is lovely in white. Enchanting.

  2. Pretty and cozy room. Love the bedding. Thanks for joining the party.


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