Putting Santa Away

Now it's my time to start the clean up after Christmas.

Ahhh, this is better!

ewww, it looks like the ribbon is in the candle, it really isn't though.

Paint color will change! Its a really hard color to mellow out!
Here's a before and after.

The Picture on the left is with my old camera and the
picture on the right is with my daughter's camera.  I love her camera!

 The champagne chiller   ( $13) I found it stuffed in the back  of the bottom shelf at
vv boutique and it was very black...
we didn't think that it would polish up as nicely as it did. 

Have a great day

1 comment:

  1. I started to put my Christmas things away today. Although I really loved all the beauty of the season's decor, it is nice to see things cleared away. I love your before , but your after is lovely, simple elegance.


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