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First let me say...


Not sure how this whole blogging thing works but I know that I have a whole ton of projects to do on and around our new house, limited budget and lots of ideas! I think it would be fun to share this whole process with you and so I am entering the land of blog….a little nervous but really excited.

We bought our house a little over a month ago and we love it. Besides the fact that there where only 3 finished bedrooms ,(we have 3 children) not a lot of closet space, and only 2 bathrooms. At least there is the full basement that is unfinished so we can expand our living down stairs after some major building and finishing. Did I mention that every room needs to be repainted. This house was nicknamed the Hamburger House .We aren’t big fans of mustard and ketchup on the walls… not that there’s anything wrong with that…it’s just not my style, so there will be massive amounts of painting going on.

Our home is new and has a lot of character built in J crown mouldings, odd shaped rooms and high ceilings. It reminds me of a house we owned a few years ago that was very hard to leave. L
I love the rustic side of French country and shabby chic with a touch of elegance and romance. Having said all of that we also have a very limited budget…3 daughters, 2 cats and 1 dog…so I have to push our creativity and energy (lots of elbow grease) and get busy.

I thought I would share with you a few photos of my first project in our new house, the master bedroom

 Before the room was too divided with the red and yellow on opposing walls, but the tray ceiling
 and the crown moulding made up for the colors.

   Just paint and furniture placement make this room a lot more relaxing. Not quite done yet, I need a chandelier and painted furniture..More pictures to come, :)
Have a great day...<3 Abby

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