I have been invited to Debbies for a Newbie Party!!!

First let me say thank you for inviting me,
I can't wait to see all the blogs!
Well I am happy to say that I have finished painting the kitchen!
Horray, finally done painting I still have shopping and
crafting to do,(is that every really done).  I am really happy with the wall color.

Here is a before

It amazes me how much color can change the
feel of a space.  Now it feels calm and open.
Here's the after

oops that is the registration reminder for soccer on the cupboard! 

Phew.. it feels so much better! 

I love the look of new with old...doesn't everyone?
Like our home has been evolving over the years.
Well I guess it has...just not here.
: )

This guy was VV's ,  love him!
Well gotta go start working on the hallway! 
(after I creep all those new blogs!) 
Have a super Day

My Little Valentines

I just love these Valentines

They are my sweetest Valentines cards.
Haha, well they were actually to both
my husband and I.

Here's one, to dad.

I used to have them all over the walls but this is
really easy to 'pin' up. Exactly like Cindy's! 

All the time they spent cutting, pasting, gluing,writing!

I just made a hole and pulled ribbon through, linking them all
 together. You can turn them around and read the
backs, which we always do, and with a little re-adjusting
its all good again.

 I just pin the ribbon to the wall...  I am so OK with the
pin holes...its easy to fill and paint.

Sadly, now that they are teens I don't get those home made
cards anymore.    : (
But I will always have these  :)

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Its amazing how much stuff gets mixed up when you move.
I have a few boxes that are still in the basement ...marked living room!
Any how, I searched and I found an old picture..( I know..hoarder).
I removed the old picture and worked on the glass.

Love Is Forever.
 I wrote a phrase and  translated it into
italian, the words look so beautiful.I wrote it with a sharpy
on top of the glass.

Then I flipped the glass over and used a paint pen
to trace the letters out in reverse.
Then decoupaged the back of the glass over  the paint
with silvery tissue paper, leaving it as a nice smooth glass tray.

The frame was dark green so I painted it white and aged it slightly.

I am joining

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Have a super day

Kitchen Progress

I am so happy with my wall color!  Horray!

If you look at the bottom left corner you can see my old wall color.
I had to paint the tray ceiling first because it is so tedious.
I know right....love the green tape thing I got going on?  me too.

Now I get to paint the bottom half of the kitchen. 

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Have a great day!

I love my kitchen but...

Ever since we bought this house I have been  dreaming of turning our
 kitchen into this kitchen... 

I am sorry but I don't know who to give credit for this picture to,
but I love it!

We already have the dark cabinets and we don't
 want to paint them, so this kitchen is definately close..

We love this kitchen. 
We are always visiting around the island.  I am
just finding the yellow really strong.  
The bar stools were a fluke find @  $40 each.

 I am finding the yellow color very strong. So I am going to start
by painting the walls. 

I have lots of painting to do so, Wish me Luck 
while my house is in chaos...
Have a super monday!

Getting ready for the kitchen

This is the before picture for my kitchen.    :)

In this picture you can see the different colors that are on all the walls
 right now. Mustard yellow, ketchup red and my chosen medieval by Rona Collections.
I hope to be painting the kitchen over the next week.

I am really happy with the way the dining room
and the living room turned out, the space feels a
lot calmer and spacious.

  I am going on a search for
 chalk board paint (for a main wall and
I cant seem to find anything but spray paint.. )
I will just have to keep on searching.
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 I hope you have a great weekend.

Party for 2 Thursday

With Valentines coming up I thought I would do
some trial table settings....

An intimate table for 2

I pulled my small round table up to the fireplace
and set the table .

I love my Celebration china set, I have been collecting
 this set for a long time but it is a very gradual

I find it a little too flowery so I like to lighten
it up with my white dishes.

Hhmmmm, that was fun.

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Have a super day

Loving our Master Suite!

Our master bathroom was one of the first rooms to be done, along with
the master bedroom.  This is how I decorated it for Christmas...nothing
gets spared at Christmas...  :)

Lets go back to the before...

This picture is actually from our main bathroom
but the color was the same in our master bath.

I like to put out fresh bath mats,
so I have a lot on hand.

The blue is the same as the blue
along the tray ceiling in the bedroom.
It actually looks like two different colors, I
guess that just shows how lighting can affect
the undertones of a color.

I bought this picture at VV boutique.  I actually
bought it for the frame ( in living room) but
once I took it out of the frame I realized how
cute the picture was...so I had to find another frame.
The matting in this picture was another super
find! : )


Haha, yeppers, not cheap but....I just had to
have this! My family thinks it is funny that
I have this jar of soap that
you are not aloud to use but it cost more
then 1 month supply of soap.  No, I can
not be explained! Haaha

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