My Chalkboard Platter

I got a great idea from
creeping some blogs, (so many beautiful platters!)
So I went to the thrift store and bought a cheap silver tray,

And just a note, this was not a gift to
So I primed it and painted it with chalkboard spray paint,
and pulled a ribbon through it .

Really cheap...about $10 total for everything AND I
have enough spray paint to do about 4 more...haha.
I let it dry over night and then in my neatest handwriting
I wrote my message to my family....

Cioccolata Calda means Hot Chocolate in Italian.
(gotta love google!)
I am super happy with it and how it has filled the void above
the window so well.

Now when the right curtains jump out at me I
think I will be ready, and of course theres that chandelier,haha.
 Sorry for the dark pictures...

I am joining


Have a super day!

1 comment:

  1. Abby, I love a silver tray with chalkboard paint added to it. Thanks for joining the party.


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