Working on the Dining Room

Happy monday!

Almost done my dining room!  All very exciting.
Spent the day painting...

AAAhhh that feels better, thats what I love about my space...I can transform
it anytime I want...any time I want to paint , that is. A space can be completely
altered after you paint the walls!

(Don't you just love the green painters tape!  Yes, a super good look! 
Anyways, this is a half way done mixed up &
painters tape still up, no blinds yet, lots to do still.
 Eventually the chandelier will change as well.)

Snow Flake Candle Holders
These are super easy
Cut out snowflakes from a paper bag
glue snowflake on outside of a glass mayo jar
cut tissue paper into squares 
 glue a single layer of tissue paper over entire jar.
I made halloween lanterns like these, they were a lot of fun,
really easy for kids to do too!

I am linking up with The house in the Roses today,

The House in the Roses

Have a great day

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