My Little Valentines

I just love these Valentines

They are my sweetest Valentines cards.
Haha, well they were actually to both
my husband and I.

Here's one, to dad.

I used to have them all over the walls but this is
really easy to 'pin' up. Exactly like Cindy's! 

All the time they spent cutting, pasting, gluing,writing!

I just made a hole and pulled ribbon through, linking them all
 together. You can turn them around and read the
backs, which we always do, and with a little re-adjusting
its all good again.

 I just pin the ribbon to the wall...  I am so OK with the
pin holes...its easy to fill and paint.

Sadly, now that they are teens I don't get those home made
cards anymore.    : (
But I will always have these  :)

I am joining


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