Loving our Master Suite!

Our master bathroom was one of the first rooms to be done, along with
the master bedroom.  This is how I decorated it for Christmas...nothing
gets spared at Christmas...  :)

Lets go back to the before...

This picture is actually from our main bathroom
but the color was the same in our master bath.

I like to put out fresh bath mats,
so I have a lot on hand.

The blue is the same as the blue
along the tray ceiling in the bedroom.
It actually looks like two different colors, I
guess that just shows how lighting can affect
the undertones of a color.

I bought this picture at VV boutique.  I actually
bought it for the frame ( in living room) but
once I took it out of the frame I realized how
cute the picture was...so I had to find another frame.
The matting in this picture was another super
find! : )


Haha, yeppers, not cheap but....I just had to
have this! My family thinks it is funny that
I have this jar of soap that
you are not aloud to use but it cost more
then 1 month supply of soap.  No, I can
not be explained! Haaha

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  1. Abby, I love the color and I would spend more on soap you don't use, too and have. Thanks for linking up this week.


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