My treasure!

My mom was helping my Grandma down size to a smaller apartment and they
were de-cluttering my mom happened to see my
 Grandma toss this into the recycling bin!!!

My daughters and I were completely enthralled in it...

to think that their Great, Great Grandma used it to make her family a

or, that she dated different recipes...I think it says
'xmas 1924'

or, that it turned out delicious!
Yep, this is definately a treasure! 

So so glad that it didn't make it into the recycling!
Thank you so much Grandma!

I have joined



Hope you have some of your family treasures
to enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Oh My! That was a close one! What a wonderful treasure to have. I love all the handwritten notes and dates. It brings the book to life!


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